Guntong Technologies Holding Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1984. Actual business started in 1991. For the first five years of business operations, the company was in Personal Computer business at the same time started to explore into the opportunities of supplying telecom test and monitoring equipment and started looking for direct Principals from the US and Europe for Telecom test equipment.

The first five years of business operation, from 1996 until 2000, was more exciting and challenging for the company. The company was exploring opportunities in large scale enterprise computerization projects. At the same time in telecommunications, with the maturing of the ISDN Signaling technology for the excess network, the SS7 Signaling for the inter-exchange network and the ATM technology for the telecom transport network. The company decided on its business focus and joined the foray of the few companies that are dealing in the niche market of supplying handheld test equipment to the local telecom operators. At the same time, the opportunities had opened for the participation in larger tenders for the supply of SS7 Signaling Monitoring System which is another requirement by the telecom operators.

In 1998, The company had its first breakthrough and gained a strategic milestone when the company was awarded with the SS7 Signaling Monitoring System by Celcom Malaysia, the local mobile telecom operator. This was the time when the country and the whole world were in deep financial crisis. This strategic achievement was followed by another major milestone with the winning of another tender of more than Rm20 Million i.e. the Enterprise-wide computerization of KTM Berhad in 1999.

The next phase, maintaining the existing business momentum, for the period from 2001 until 2010, the company had four major wins with Telekom Malaysia, i.e. the ISDN Monitoring System, the Mass Calling Systems (MCS), The SS7 Signaling Monitoring System and once again KTMB Enterprise-wide computerization upgrade. After more than 20 years in operation, the company while maintaining the expertise and competitiveness in the IT industry, saw new technologies being introduced into the mobile and fixed telecommunication industry. To maintain a sustainable business, the company had to keep abreast of these new technologies. At the same time looking for new products, focusing on systems that would address the telecom fixed and mobile operator’s requirements.